Custom Mouth Guard

Custom Mouth Guard

Mouth guards not only protect your teeth and tongue from sports-related trauma, but also help to prevent concussions. Do not use an over-the-counter mouth guard as it does not protect your teeth properly. At Digital Smile Denture Clinic, we can make custom-fit mouth guards that are comfortable to wear and made just for you.

custom Mouth guard

When should someone considering to get a mouth guard?

People should wear a mouth guard wherever or whenever they are involved in any activities that has any kind of risk of contacting the head aggressively or falling and hitting the head on the ground or if there is risk of contacting other players’ equipment or any hard substance. Most people think of hockey and boxing as the most dangerous sports for teeth, although almost half of sport related mouth injuries occur during basketball and baseball.

Benefits of mouth and night guard

Prevents Tooth Damage

A lot of people remain unaware of the extent of their tooth damage until a dentist examines them. Teeth grinding and clenching will eventually result in wearing down the tooth enamel leading to cavities, extreme sensitivity, fracturing, and damage to existing teeth restorations.