Mobile Denture Services

Mobile Denture Services

Many seniors suffer from denture discomfort in silence due to embarrassment which leads some of them to reduce their communication.

Accessing dental office can be a great challenge for many senior du to hospitalization, recent release from hospital, illness or moblity impairment. Senior with these challenges have more urgent needs when concerned with dental treatment.

Mobile denture services takes pressure off the primary care giver insuring dental care on-site with the least amount of stress on all concern.

Planning to take time off from work to drive and attend many visits with your parents is very exhausting and costly. Moreover, the stress and disorientation of moving away from the medical care and comfortable surroundings can be quite unsettling for some people. We can eliminate all the hassle by coming to you. With our mobile denture services the stress of having to leave the comfort of your nurturing surroundings is eliminated. We can come to you in a private residences, hospitals, long term care facilities and retirement homes.