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Yes. We do accept all insurance plans

A consultation with your denturist and your dentist will help determine your
needs. If extractions are necessary or not

Cost = Quality
A quality, well fitting, and natural looking denture takes time to make which
costs a little more.

We understand that dentures can be a significant expense, particularly for
those on a fixed income or who don’t have insurance. That’s why we offer a
number of options to make quality dentures affordable for anyone.
 As with any dental procedure, the price of dentures and dental implants is
hard to estimate without an in-person consultation. In general, how much
dentures and dental implants cost depends on several factors, such as the
type of dentures you go for or the number of implants needed. After the
initial consultation, we will create a quote and present it to you so you know
exactly how much they will cost before we get started. There are no hidden

fees and the price we quote will be the price you pay. If you have
insurance, or if the cost of your dentures is being covered by a government
agency, we will be very happy to assist you with processing the necessary
If you’re underinsured, or if your insurance doesn’t cover denture care, the
cost of dentures and denture care can seem daunting. However, this
doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have access to the best dental and
medical care. Financing is available which allows you to pay a small
monthly amount instead of one lump sum. For more information about
prices and financing, please call us at 7786748887

There is not a removable prosthesis made for the mouth that is permanent
as your mouth is constantly changing plus the artificial teeth wear out.
Therefore we strongly recommend to do flow up with us at least once a
year that we can address and solve any problem

When cleaning dentures, it is recommended to brush dentures daily to
avoid stains and food/plaque build-up. Use a soft brush. Do not use
Toothpaste and avoid using hard-bristle brushes, as they consider a hard
abrasion that can create microscopic scratches that help food and plaque
to build up and damage the denture. Over time, Dentures form plaque and
tartar build up (just like natural teeth). Once plaque hardens into tartar it
can be very hard to remove and is an invitation for bacterial accumulation
which can cause tissue and health problems. Many people are unaware
that dentures require daily care and professional cleaning.


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